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Your driveway is not simply a slab of concrete. It is a place where your children and pets will play, your friends will park, or where your beloved watercraft may rest whenever it’s not on the water. Being a location where numerous loved ones (or things) may spend time, you expect your private concrete driveway to be solid, sleek, and secure.

While concrete is among the most resilient construction materials, it will degrade gradually without appropriate maintenance and repair. Factors such as severe temperature levels, freezing and thawing, massive loads, and tree root systems can all cause cracks in your driveway.

These cracks in your driveway’s concrete are not just unpleasant they may be hazardous as well. When cement starts to split, it can quickly come to be unsteady and unsafe. So, it’s vital to fix and seal these immediately before they become a bigger problem.

Do not wait. Contact our domestic and commercial driveway repair service specialists in Medford, Oregon for a free consultation and estimate.

Our process for mending gaps in residenital and commercial driveways

Our driveway renovation procedure is basic and proven.

Our repair work procedure starts with pressure cleaning your driveway’s surface to raise and get rid of any particles and surface discolorations before applying a sealant.

After that, the concrete cracks are caulked to keep moisture from permeating within and below the surface.

The original concrete slab joints are then sealed to keep integrity and added durability.

At long last, a UV-resistant sealant is applied on top of the weakened location and the other parts of the driveway. The sealant will help to secure the concrete and maintain it for many years to come.

What causes concrete cracking?

Typically speaking, a fracture appears in concrete when part of a concrete slab splits and penetrates the soil below. Wetness then leaks through these cracks and into the underlying soil. This excess moisture can cause the soil to soften and perhaps even wash away completely.

The lack of support from the soil triggers the concrete slab to split further and sink into the gap left by the soil that’s washed away. Depending on the seriousness, you could be left with a gaping space where your slab of concrete used to exist.

To prevent moisture from permeating through the cracks and within the soil below, the cracks and original joints should be expertly sealed. Although it may be appealing to quickly seal these up with caulk discovered at Home Depot or your local hardware store, this is likely to just serve as a stopgap. Hardware store caulks paired with very little understanding typically result in drying, bubbling, and cracking once again gradually. This implies you’ll be purchasing more caulks and sealing them up once again before you know it.

Hire our Medford concrete restoration experts

Rely on our experts instead. With years of experience, xfield_business-name is your top-rated solution for all your concrete repair work and maintenance necessities. In addition to sealing cracks and joints on your driveways, we also repair work and restore concrete walkways, outdoor patios, floors, swimming pool decks, and foundations.

Our highly-trained team utilizes commercial-grade product lines and equipment, which enable a clean and visually pleasing outcome. We also provide grinding where needed, elimination of existing sealants, and expansion joint material.

As an alternative to fixing up your driveway by yourself, leave your concrete problems to our Medford experts. Rest assured, we’ll work promptly and efficiently to make your driveway a safe and enjoyable area for your family members and visitors. 

Your best choice, our friendly and professional crew in Jackson County is simply a phone call away. Contact us right now to find out more!

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